Why IP is Important


Why is IP Important?


Global Innovation Policy Center offers information and insight to why IP rights are worth protecting, both domestically and abroad.

Source: GIPC

IP Basics


Copyright Basics


Basic questions about copyrights answered for readers, listeners and creators by the leading resource on the topic.

Source: Copyright Alliance


Patent Basics: Materials for Creators, Students & Others
A portal entry to a range of materials, activities and videos for IP topics that affect students, creators and consumers.

Source: USPTO

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Trademark Basics

Trademarks not only help distinguish products within the legal and business systems—but just as significantly—with consumers..

Source: Investopedia

Creators, Educators and Parents


Selected Resources from the Michelson Institute for IP 

Michelson IP's education toolkit includes an interactive ebook, online course, video series, and undergraduate curriculum.

Source: Michelson IP


Fakes: A Program to Help Distinguish the Difference 

An awareness program aiming to educate young consumers about the dangers of counterfeiting and the importance of trademarks.

Source: Unreal Campaign

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Counterfeiting + Piracy = Theft

Students analyze a map of counterfeiting and piracy around the world and then create and present a campaign to stop intellectual property theft.

Source: National Geographic