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What users have to say about the site:

Business Professionals

Professor Dr. Alexander J. Wurzer

Director IP Management Education at CEIPI

Prof Wurzer - headshot for ip bio_edited.jpg
"In a world that is becoming more immaterial every day and where more and more business models revolve around intangible goods, IP is the linchpin for economic activity and success. [ is] a brilliant initiative that does just that: explain IP simply... with examples, materials and resources."

Ruth Soetendorp

Professor Emerita, Associate Director, Centre for Intellectual Property
Policy & Management in The Business School, Bournemouth University

“A succinct and stylish introduction to IP rights that recognises the hurdles confronting IP newcomers.  I use it in an introductory session, to boost students' IP confidence and get them talking.”
“IPBasics is a wonderful site to appreciate the importance of IP in our society. There are many great lessons and stories illustrating how IP encourages people to create what we need and want.”

Scott Frank

President and Chair, the United States Intellectual Property Alliance (USIPA)

Narine Melkonyan headshot _edited.jpg
"I think IPBasics is useful for students to view and learn from because it is organized and reputable. It provides many resources [like] articles, podcasts, and videos about the topic. Since every individual should have a basic understanding of intellectual property, this website would be perfect for students to gain their beginner knowledge or build on their prior knowledge"

Narine Melkonyan

Business Administration Student at Glendale Community College


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