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Flash of Genius (Netflix) 

The harrowing story of how an inventor lost his breakthrough product and got it back


Bombshell (Netflix)

The ‘most beautiful woman’ in the world was also a brilliant inventor that many refused to take seriously

Additional Resources: Podcasts

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The ‘Cipher Vision’ podcast hosts conversations with industry leaders on a range of topics, including storytelling with data; how disruptive technologies are redefining the competitive landscape; and how ML and AI are changing the IP world.


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‘Clause 8’ hosts conversations that provide strategic insights about what shapes IP policies, the business of innovation, and how to deal with patent issues.

Clause 8 of the US constitution is the foundation for America’s intellectual property laws. On the Clause 8 podcast, we talk to the personalities that make the IP system possible. 

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‘Understanding IP Matters’ explores the IP story of people who have succeeded in the world of inventions, creative expression, and brands—some with the scars to prove it.

It is the first podcast series to depict the IP journey from creator to entrepreneur and beyond.

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